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Frontline Commercial Vehicle Solutions Inc

About Our Company


Frontline Commercial Vehicle Solutions Inc. (Frontline) is a team comprised of:

  • former Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) enforcement officers and auditors,
  • former MTO provincial trainers and Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) certified instructors,
  • a former Director of Vehicle Safety with Alberta Transportation,
  • a former Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) commercial vehicle technical collision investigator,
  • a former MTO Vehicle Standards Engineer.

Collectively, we bring over 115 years of experience and understanding of:

  • North American safety inspections including the application of various mechanical safety standards; inspection processes and procedures; the driver components including required vehicle documentation and hours of service/daily inspection requirements. Four members of our team were certified Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) commercial vehicle inspectors with two of us being certified as CVSA provincial trainers.
  • Collision mitigation through driver behavior and defensive driving techniques. Our team includes a former Ontario Provincial Police officer who spent the final 18 years of his career in assignments related to traffic investigations and road safety; including as a case manager for the investigations of numerous fatal and serious injury commercial vehicle collisions.
  • Canadian facility audits including expected document retention requirements and safety management practices. Our team includes two former Facility Audit Administrators, who oversaw the MTO facility audit program and the administration of the audit program in Ontario.
  • Development and application of federal, national and provincial vehicle manufacturing and safety inspection standards and how they apply in the context of commercial vehicle operations and safety.  

Frontline sets itself apart from other consulting companies as we helped develop, train and enforce many of the regulatory components around commercial vehicle safety management and oversight. This gives us an in-depth understanding of the industry best practices as well as legal obligations needed to ensure commercial vehicle compliance and safety. We also continue to maintain our knowledge by serving on several committees with CVSA.

We have worked with clients across Canada and have several US based clients. We would be pleased to provide references upon request.