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Alex Bugeya

Alex Bugeya

Alex brings a wealth of experience and knowledge from his over 13 years with the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) including:

  • Head of Enforcement Training and Development
  • Senior Facility Audit Administrator
  • MTO Auditor
  • Transportation Enforcement Officer

During his time with the MTO, Alex was certified as a Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) inspector, having performed thousands of Level I to V inspections on trucks and buses.  Alex was also one of the first Level VI certified inspectors in Canada, authorizing him to perform inspections on select radiological shipments. 

Alex has an abundance of training and instructor experience which has been developed through his time spent as a:

  • CVSA Part A (driver & hours of service) and B (vehicle) Instructor
  • Provincial MTO Bus Inspection Tracking System (BITS)/School Bus Inspection Instructor
  • MTO Moving Violations Instructor
  • MTO Facility Audit Program Instructor.

Alex was also a MTO Basic Training Instructor in the following subjects:

  • Hours of Service
  • Commercial Vehicle Equipment
  • Periodic Mandatory Vehicle Inspections (Annual Inspections)
  • Daily Inspections (DVIR)
  • Commercial Vehicle Operator Registration (CVOR)
  • Drivers Licences and Vehicle Registration

Alex has achieved and been presented with numerous awards during his career with the Ministry of Transportation including the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal, the North American Grand Champion of the CVSA North American Inspector’s Championship, winner of the Ontario National Safety Code Challenge including the Driver Inspection and Dangerous Goods Inspection categories, along with a host of other awards not listed here.