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variety of subjects and courses. We specialize in:

Commercial Vehicle Operation 101

A session designed to review all the basic commercial vehicle operating rules that a company will need to know to remain compliant.  Includes topics on:

  • How to properly register a commercial vehicle
  • When is a CVOR, daily inspection and/or daily log required
  • What class of licence does a driver require
  • When does a vehicle need annual inspections (yellow stickers)

Vehicle Weights and Dimensions

An overview of weights and dimensions for trucks and trailers including Safe Productive Infrastructure Friendly (SPIF) designations, weight grandfathering and other variables that will impact axle and allowable gross weights.

Daily Vehicle Inspections

An overview of daily vehicle inspections, reports (DVIR), applicable Inspection Schedules as well as major and minor defects.

Cargo Securement

An overview of the cargo securement requirements found in NSC Standard 10 including specific commodities as needed.

Hours of Service

An overview of hours of service limits and rule sets including workshift, daily, cycle and record keeping.

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