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Driver/Vehicle Inspection

A vehicle and/or driver inspection which mirrors an enforcement agency roadside inspection.  Includes a one page form/report that identifies any regulatory violations, out-of-service conditions and driver daily inspection items found during the inspection.

Mock Transportation Audit

A review of company transportation records designed to identify regulatory violations, gaps in record keeping practices and assist with monitoring drivers and vehicles.  The audit scope can be tailored to your needs, ranging from a single driver/vehicle up to a sampling of your choosing.  Regardless of size, an overview report is provided for each file reviewed, outlining the record review findings.

  • Driver Hours of Service Compliance
  • Driver Qualification Files
  • Vehicle Maintenance and Daily Vehicle Inspection Reports 

Vehicle Weights and Dimensions Evaluation

An on-site measurement of your vehicle(s) to evaluate compliance with Ontario Weights and Dimensions requirements.  This will identify if a vehicle or combination of vehicles are eligible for a Safe Productive Infrastructure Friendly (SPIF) designation, any weight grandfathering that may apply and if a vehicle may qualify for an extension permit.

Audit Assistance

Undergoing a transportation audit or compliance review?  We can help guide you through the process, understand the findings and work towards correcting areas of non-compliance.